The Evoloution of Xbox

How The Xbox Came To An Uprise

The original Xbox went from having a cartridges to store all of your information to it. To having a hard drive which store tons of info. So it went from an analog side to an all digital side which made it ahead of all the other consoles. Xbox Official.

For its time it was way ahead and that let people make the switch seeing something so advanced in such a basic time. And this let xbox make the push it needs

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The of the dominating console companys and which came first and last:

How videogames are seen today is a promblem

Video games today are seen as problematic although they are so popular they believe video games equal viloence and that wouldnt make sense Why? Because people these days arent very violent despite a very large amount of people play vieo games. In my opion this aint adding up.